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At ITU Telecom World, we understand that SME success is key to ICT industry growth and socio-economic development throughout the world. That’s why we’re focused on fostering tech SMEs by bringing them together with public and private sector leaders on our unique international platform.

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The benefits of taking part

  • Valuable international exposure
  • Investment and partnership potential
  • Knowledge transfer – sharing best practice, solutions and ideas
  • Unprecedented access to high-level audience of ministers, regulators, industry CEOs
  • Peer networking
  • Expert insight and understanding of critical ICT issues
  • Opportunity to enter the prestigious ITU Telecom World Awards
  • International media presence
  • Invitation for SME CEO to join high-level Leadership Summit debates and network with government and industry leaders in the exclusive LeaderSpace lounge

Participating in ITU is really great leverage for us to introduce our technology to a global market.Sung Yoonju sme, Ripplebuds

What’s On


SME - exhibition

Showcase your SME, innovative project or ICT solution at the heart of the global ICT industry with an independent stand or pod in the event exhibition – and enjoy the benefits of international visibility, targeted networking and investment and partnership options. Or exhibit your innovation as part of your country’s official delegation within a National Pavilion – contact us for more information.

ITU Telecom World Awards

SME - awards

Enter your exhibiting SME for our Global SME Award for most promising innovative ICT-based solutions with real social impact – and win international recognition, unique networking and visibility benefits.

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B2B Dialogue

SME - b2b dialogue

Major industry players, established businesses and corporates come face-to-face with tech SMEs from around the world on the B2B Dialogue panel and in the audience to debate the opportunities and issues of collaboration. What are the best models for SMEs and corporates to work together? How can large companies benefit from the dynamic, fast teams, local market knowledge and end user relationships typical of SMEs? Can SMEs channel know-how, funding and capacity development from the major players? Is a win-win relationship possible – and how?

B2G Dialogue

SME - b2g dialogue

In this emergent world, government, industry, SMEs and local communities must come together to share knowledge and information, identify and reduce barriers to success,and develop supporting frameworks, policies and regulations for an efficient, vibrant national ICT innovation ecosystem. What are the opportunities and experiences of different national development agendas? How can successful mechanisms for dialogue create an enabling environment?

Forum debates

SME - forum debates

Gain expert insight into the technologies, models and trends shaping the wider ICT industry. Join panel debates and dialogues focused specifically on the opportunities and challenges facing SMEs, bringing together leaders from government and industry with SMEs from around the world.

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SME - networking

Make the connections that matter, negotiate deals and open the door to new partnerships. On the exhibition floor, in Forum sessions, in the popular event app, and in formal and informal social events bringing SMEs together with government and industry representatives.

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SME Testimonials

ulala Lab


ITU is a very good opportunity for us because big companies and small companies meet here and we can find very good partners here, it gives us a very good chance to cooperate with several companies.

Japan Battery Regeneration

Japan Battery Regeneration

Receiving an award helped a lot for our business. We are a small venture company and receiving an award from ITU triggered a final decision from the top management of Nippon Express logistics company, so that after more than one year of discussion, they finally decided to use our technology for their business. So receiving the ITU Telecom World award gave us reputation, credibility and reliability for our company and our technology, so we really appreciate it.



It has been of great value, we have had so many good contacts, and many, many follow ups that we have to do here, so for us the value has been tremendous.

Intervale Management

Intervale Management

The sessions give a very good perspective on different areas as far as ICTs are concerned, from government, business and regulation perspectives. It is very good to see the special focus on SME because everyone is talking about ICT for big companies, but SMEs actually moves the development of many countries, many businesses and economies, and it is very good that the special focus is paid exactly to them within the framework of this event.



Our project is very successful in Senegal, and for me it is a great opportunity because I have met many African countries, six of which have expressed their interest in my solution, which it is great for me.



The highlight of ITU Telecom has been the various contacts we have received, the different nations that want this kind of project to be scaled up in their countries. We are in talks, and we are very excited that we will expand this solution to very many smallholder farmers across the globe.

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