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Experts from public and private sectors, from around the world and across the ICT ecosystem have their say on key industry issues at ITU Telecom World.

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Lots of applications are being done in different parts of the world, lots of trials being done. Full scale virtualization will be a journey, probably by 2018 there’ll be a lot of scale deployment. Kelly Ahuja, SVP Wireless Technology, Cisco Systems
The magic is happening in the open space. Thomas Michael Bohnert, Senior Research Scientist, Zurich University of Applied Sciences
You cannot go country by country and decide what is going to be used for mobile. It has to be harmonized from the outset. François Rancy, Director, Radiocommunication Bureau, ITU
Speed or bandwidth in context of broadband is no longer a helpful model for thinking about this product or service. Martin Geddes, Founder, Martin Geddes Consulting
Networks are something that carriers take very personally Kelly Ahuja, SVP Wireless Technology, Cisco Systems
I believe we are in front of radical change in the industry, and most of us completely underestimate the impact. Thomas Magedanz, Head of NGN Division, Fraunhofer Institute FOKUS
The articulation of the plan to the so critical. John Galvin, VP Sales and Marketing Group & General Manager, Intel World Ahead Program, Intel Corporation
Technology reaches kids in ways that nothing else can. Mario Coronado, Director, Fundación Telefónica, Peru
Broadband is becoming a form of critical national infrastructure. The whole of society is reorganizing around the assumed existence of broadband…. Telecoms isn’t just about creating a profit for shareholders. It is about creating a digital society – and when we do that, there is an implicit social contract Martin Geddes, Founder, Martin Geddes Consulting
The old model of looking at regulation as licensee, you know, against a set of government obligations is about to be disrupted big time. Suresh Sidhu, Chief Corporate and Operations Officer, Celcom Axiata
Trust becomes something of a very valuable currency in the market space. And therefore, we’ll see more trust-related services develop. Viktor Schönberger-Mayer, Professor of Internet Governance & Regulation, Oxford Internet Institute
There are no solutions, only tradeoffs. Peter Pitsch, Executive Director, Communications Policy and Associate General Counsel, Intel Corporation
Don't let the virtue of being a good human being be sacrificed in this digital age. Dr. Prasit Prapinmongkolkarn, Emeritus Professor and Chair Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand
Any one who doesn't understand the true needs of the customer will perish. Martin Geddes, Founder, Martin Geddes Consulting
Convergence of regulation, once done, it has to match with an objective which is the development and the growth of our society because regulating for the sake of regulating without benefits, to us, is meaningless. Bocar Ba, Chief Executive Office, SAMENA Communications Council
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