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Experts from public and private sectors, from around the world and across the ICT ecosystem have their say on key industry issues at ITU Telecom World.

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We saw that 50% of people that live in urban Africa, in major cities are already online. 50% across all socioeconomic levels. What's also striking is that there's about half of them online every day for quite a long time. In urban centres, the demand by Africans for using the internet in their lives is already happening. Safroadu Yeboah-Amankwah, Director and leader, McKinsey's Business Technology Practice, McKinsey
It's not easy but I think one of the things that's important is for regulators to understand in the past there's been one or two products and in the future there's going to be hundreds or thousands and it's not going to be possible to regulate all of them and they're all going to look very different, so how do we go from the two product world to the 2000 product world. Martin Geddes, Founder, Martin Geddes Consulting
The articulation of the plan to the so critical. John Galvin, VP Sales and Marketing Group & General Manager, Intel World Ahead Program, Intel Corporation
I believe we are in front of radical change in the industry, and most of us completely underestimate the impact. Thomas Magedanz, Head of NGN Division, Fraunhofer Institute FOKUS
The telcos have the ability to aggregate what the risks are and (are) seen to be trustworthy in execution, if not in speed. Thomas Michael Bohnert, Senior Research Scientist, Zurich University of Applied Sciences
Of all the broadband devices in the world, in 5 years time the vast majority will be mobile and will be used in low-income countries rather than high-income countries. David Lewin, Director, Plum Consulting
Technology reaches kids in ways that nothing else can. Mario Coronado, Director, Fundación Telefónica, Peru
The power of technology exceeds the scope of our ethics. Gerd Leonhard, Futurist & CEO, The Futures Agency
Invest in security and privacy frameworks rather than faster networks! Gerd Leonhard, Futurist & CEO, The Futures Agency
Existing legal frameworks at the moment are really quite inadequate to address the big data phenomenon. Daniel Cooper, Partner, Covington & Burling LLP
The old model of looking at regulation as licensee, you know, against a set of government obligations is about to be disrupted big time. Suresh Sidhu, Chief Corporate and Operations Officer, Celcom Axiata
Digital migration is held hostage to the interests of broadcasters. Fred Matiang'i, Minister, Ministry of Information, Communication and Technology, Kenya
The ubiquity of the mobile service really changes the equation for sharing spectrum. Julie Napier Zoller, Deputy Coordinator, International Communications and Information Policy (CIP), United States Department of State
The challenge of transforming education is that it is a lot easier to not do it, than to do it. Brian Gonzalez, Director, Global Education Programs, Intel Corporation
Don't follow the old models. Old models are no longer appropriate. So think again. Alan Horne, Chief Executive Officer, Broadband Pioneer
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