Forum: Future in Focus

Radical change is transforming the ICT industry, the ecosystem, our world. Explore the new realities, debate the implications for our businesses, societies and lives, understand future scenarios

Interactive discussions at ITU Telecom World 2014 examined the key trends and developments in technology, regulatory and policy issues, business models, services and applications – focusing on three major scenarios:



While the internet disrupts the entertainment industries on an unprecedented scale, broadband and virtualization are the new game changers transforming the communication services landscape. How could this benefit the telecoms sector and national digital plans? How will shared and cloud infrastructure impact the market and penetration of broadband? What disruptive scenarios are on the horizon?


Opportunities in vertical markets involve partnering with other sectors moving beyond the traditional infrastructure-focus and ‘silo-ed’ business models. Telcos are just one of the stakeholders in these new environments. Cross-sector partnering can be problematic; what options are available?

Debates informed participants in their future decision making and approach, whether in terms of innovation, policy, regulatory direction, company strategy or technology focus. Combining government perspectives with contrasting industry viewpoints guarantees a broad-reaching debate on these critical issues.
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The intelligent future

Huge promise is offered by developments such as the Internet of Things, advances in artificial intelligence, the deployment of intelligent software, big data-centric applications and innovative business models. What are the regulatory and policy issues involved? The business models, services and applications? The enabling tools, techniques and technologies?


Session formats

Panel Sessions


Experts drawn from public, private and research sectors explore the core issues facing ICTs today from contrasting perspectives. Interactive, free of presentations or pre-set agendas, often passionate, panel sessions encourage contributions and questions from audiences both onsite and online.

Keynotes & High-level Debates


Industry leaders offer their personal viewpoints and powerful insider insights on future directions within the ICT industry, kicking off debate at the highest level on policies, perspectives and best practices from across the globe.

Big Conversations


One industry representative or professional media moderator. Three or four influential representatives of government, industry, regulatory or academic bodies. One plenary audience ready to engage on ICT issues. The makings of a Big Conversation.

Sponsored Sessions


Forum sessions or facilitated workshops organized by ITU but shaped by input and contributions from interested companies or organizations.


Participatory sessions addressing specific topics in a more informal environment that can include presentations, group discussions, question and answer sessions and in-depth technical information.

ITU Telecom World Masterclasses

ITU Telecom World Masterclasses offered a series of invitation-only sessions designed exclusively for National Pavilion delegations to enhance the networking, showcasing and learning opportunities of ITU Telecom World 2014. Each Masterclass was delivered by experienced practioners and provided expert insights and practical tools to help delegates address key issues in the world of ICT, both in general and in terms of specific national projects: