Leadership Summit on the Future


At a time of dramatic industry transformation and transition, the future shape of the ICT sector and of our society often seems more confusing and ambiguous than ever. The exclusive Leadership Summit at ITU Telecom World 2014 offered an exciting opportunity to unravel some of these complexities of the future, and discover a way forward.

The summit was designed to equip leading decision-makers from government and industry with a clear understanding of the most important current and near-future developments in the ICT sector as well as to provide an overall context for future policies and strategies.



The Summit was curated and led by futurist Gerd Leonhard presenting an influential group of global futurists, thought-leaders and influencers.


Mr Gerd Leonhard
Futurist and CEO, The Futures Agency
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Simon Torrance

Mr Simon Torrance
CEO, Metaflight, United Kingdom
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Prof Rita Gunther McGrath
Professor, Columbia Business School
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Mr Yuri van Geest
Managing Director of the Singularity University Summit Europe (SUSE)
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Key topics

This event formed a provocative and inspiring journey into the immediate future, exploring how our society and the ICT sector in particular may look five years from now. It focused on areas such as:

  • Technology and its implications on society, commerce and culture
  • The Internet of Things / Internet of Everything, and how it will change the way we live
  • Human-machine future scenarios (automation and hyper-efficiency)
  • Communication, media and entertainment in a hyper-connected world
  • New social (and legal) contracts for a digital society
  • The future of privacy, data security and digital rights
  • Wearable technology and augmented humanity
  • Artificial intelligence and where it will take us

The summit discussed the tremendous potential of these developments, as well as the implied challenges and unintended consequences on regulation, industry structures, business models, policy, and society.


Summit Session Summaries

Gerd Leonhard


The world is becoming digital at such a furious pace, it’s simply mindboggling …Read more

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Yuri van Geest


In the future every company will become a software company ...Read more

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Rolf Pfeifer


Robots are more about emotions than technology …Read more

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Rita McGrath


We need to create pipelines of competitive advantage …Read more

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Simon Torrance


Get educated fast, redefine your purpose now – and experiment everywhere ...Read more

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Rohit Talwar


Every company resists the barbarians trying to disrupt us and force an innovative response …Read more

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