ITU Telecom World Award Corporate Application Form

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Company information
Product / project overview:

Assessment criteria:
A clear description of the value proposition, problem solved, and benefits.
Proof of need for the product/service/project. Has it been tested with real, potential users?
Is there a track record ?
A clear and demonstrable connection between the need (customer pain) and the product/service offering.

Business model and scalability

Assessment criteria:
A clear description of the revenue streams and sustainability model.
A clear and demonstrable understanding of the market dynamics, and users’ needs.

Innovative use of ICTs

Assessment criteria:
Innovative use of ICT in the product, project or service. Does it provide a radical new solution, apply an existing solution to a new market or incrementally improve an existing service? (note: no one option is better than any other, what counts is how effectively your solution solves a customer pain).
Is the project developing its own technology OR working on an innovative application of existing technology?

Socio-economic impact

Assessment criteria:
Is the potential or existing social impact measurable?
Is the business environmentally sustainable?
Does the project or service have existing or potential wide-spread social impact (100 000 users)?

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