ITU Telecom World Awards 2016

Global SME Award

Recognising the most promising innovative solution with social impact from an SME



Congratulations to our winner and finalists, selected by our expert jury on the basis of the social impact of their solution, potential for scalability, innovative use of ICTs and overall presentation.

global sme award - BRCK


BRCK Limited is a technology company based in Nairobi, Kenya. Its main products include the BRCK, the SupaBRCK, Kio Kit, PicoBRCK and the Moja platform. Kio Kit, the innovation being exhibited at ITU Telecom World 2016, is a simple solution made up of 40 Kio tablets, a BRCK, a wireless tablet charging to reduce breakage, a hardened water-resistant, lockable case, a single plug used to charge the kit, one button to power on the entire system and cached content.



global sme award - ulala Lab

ulala Lab

ulalaLAB is a strategic group that creates a new IoT value based on things, animals and people. We share experiences and research the happier possibilities of expanding the IoT . We are expanding our business using a self-developed sensor called WICON (a smart factory IoT device) and developing IoT platforms. We have IoT-related business models such as WimFactory (a smart factory for small and medium manufacturers), WimPet (pet communication), WimKid (children and disabled care) and WimEdu (education purpose).

global sme award - gnúbila


gnúbila is a data privacy solution designer and independent software vendor. With its FedEHR product (, it provides solutions to extract, de-identify, demilitarise and share medical sensitive data cross-entreprise and transnationally. Actively supporting European and international consortia for a decade, gnúbila has rich experience in the field of biomedical research and e-health big data platform development. Its goal is to offer state-of-the-art anonymization techniques to process all possible medical information and make it shareable in big data scenarios. gnúbila enforces privacy and informational self-determination by design.



Congratulations to the shortlisted entries selected to pitch their ideas to our jury onsite in Bangkok

global sme award - AfricarTrack International

AfricarTrack International

global sme award - BLUETOWN


global sme award - BRCK


global sme award - CarVi


global sme award - Fedironics Intelligent Metering Company

Fedironics Intelligent Metering Company

global sme award - gnúbila


global sme award - Graymatics


global sme award - Intervale


global sme award - NCTR


global sme award - Neofect


global sme award - Rabbit Account

Rabbit Account

global sme award - RadioLocus


global sme award - RippleBuds


global sme award - U.M.S Queen

U.M.S Queen

global sme award - ulala Lab

ulala Lab

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