ITU Telecom World Awards 2019
SME Application Form


Please use this form to apply for the ITU Telecom World Global SME Award, the ITU Telecom World Government Award and the Host Country SME Award.

Please be concise and include only the most essential information necessary for the jury to assess your business. By completing this form, you acknowledge that all information (including financial details) is accurate.  


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  • 1 Company information

  • 2 Product / service / project overview

  • Assessment will be made on:
    - Clear description of the value proposition and unique features, benefits and selling points.
    - A clear, demonstrated connection between the need (customer pain) and the product / service offering.
  • 3 Business model and scalability

  • Assessment will be made on:
    - Demonstrated demand for product/service/project. Has it been tested with real, potential customers? Is there a track record of customers / clients?
    - Clear description of revenue streams and business model.
    - Is the business model replicable in different contexts? Does the product/service have potential for wide-spread adoption?
    - Financial indicators / projections provided below.
  • 4 Innovative use of ICTs

  • Assessment will be made on:
    - How innovative is the use of ICT in the product or service? Does it provide a radical new solution, apply an existing solution to a new market or incrementally improve an existing service? (what is important is how effectively your solution solves a customer pain).
    - Company is developing its own technology OR working on an innovative application of existing technology.
  • 5 Socio-economic / environmental impact

  • Assessment will be made on:
    - Is the potential or existing social impact measurable?
    - Is the business environmentally sustainable?
    - Does the product or service have existing or potential wide-spread social impact (wide-spread being 100 000 users)?
  • 6 Financial information

    Please enter your company's financial information (and forecasts) in the following table:
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