A world-class programme of interactive debates exploring the key issues of the digital age with informed opinion, expert speakers and international perspectives.

Sessions and topics

Accelerating digital transformation is disrupting our economies, societies and lives, promising to improve human lives on an unprecedented scale. But transformation brings challenges – from security to trust, societal upheaval, new regulatory and skills requirements, safety and digital exclusion.

Under the central theme of “Innovating together: connectivity that matters“, the Forum at ITU Telecom World 2019 addresses the need for international, cross-sector collaboration to ensure that digital technologies transform human lives positively – for everyone, everywhere.

How can we bring meaningful, relevant connectivity to all of the world’s citizens?

What innovations in technology, policy and strategy will deliver smart development solutions?

How can the public sector, international organizations and industry bodies work together to mitigate digital inclusion and the risks of living in a hyper-connected society?

The Forum at ITU Telecom World 2019 will explore these and other key issues including:

  • Digital integrity and establishing trust in our connected world
  • Expanding connectivity through innovative funding, infrastructure and partner models
  • Deploying 5G through new partnership paradigms
  • Collaborating for a safe global cyberspace
  • The role and scope of new regulatory approaches
  • Optimizing – and controlling – the use of AI and the data it generates
  • Driving sustainable ICT growth in emerging and developed markets, locally, nationally and internationally
  • Building digital literacy, compelling local content and skills to thrive in the digital era
  • Supporting innovation hubs and SME growth
  • Digital single market myths and realities
  • Greening the ICT sector

Forum Summit

The event’s first day flagship session, setting the scene for the Forum debates to follow with a mixture of keynote speeches, striking presentations and interactive panel discussions. The Forum Summit is an outstanding opportunity for all event participants to hear expert insight, gain international perspectives, and understand the opportunities and challenges of digital transformation at the very highest level.

Leadership Summit

The Leadership Summit at ITU Telecom World brings together ministers, regulators and private sector representatives at the highest level to debate the big picture opportunities and challenges of the smart digital landscape – setting the scene for the four days of Forum discussions that follow.

Ministerial Roundtable

The ITU Telecom World Ministerial Roundtable provides Ministers from around the world with an opportunity to share developments and challenges within the ICT landscape, highlighting their ICT policy direction, vision investment opportunities, and debating issues needing further collaboration between governments and the ICT industry. The Ministerial Roundtable is an excellent platform for vendors, operators, SMEs and investors to gain direct exposure to the strategies, direction and development of individual countries within the ICT ecosystem.

Session formats


Forum - keynotes

Thought-leadership and international perspectives at the highest level as leaders from public and private sectors share key messages and insights.

Panel sessions

Forum - panel sessions

Experts drawn from public, private and research sectors explore the core issues facing ICTs today from contrasting perspectives. Interactive, free of presentations or pre-set agendas and often passionate, panel sessions encourage contributions and questions from delegates on the stage and in the audience.

Partner sessions

Forum - dialogues

Forum sessions or facilitated workshops organized by ITU but shaped by input and contributions from interested companies, associations or organizations.


Forum - roundtables

Ministers, regulators or CEOs share experiences, success stories and case studies from the perspective of their countries or organizations to personal viewpoints and powerful insider insights on future directions within the ICT industry, kicking off debate at the highest level on policies, perspectives and best practices from across the globe.