Why the ITU Digital World Awards?

As the UN specialized agency for ICTs, with 193 Member States, over 700 private sector entities and 150 years of sector expertise, ITU understands the critical role of ICT solutions in accelerating social and economic development across emerging and developed markets alike. ICT-based applications, solutions and initiatives are uniquely powerful and effective in improving lives all around the world.
The Awards Programme at ITU Digital World celebrates this innovation and creativity by aiming to:

2017 Awards - recognize


the most promising and effective initiatives using ICTs innovatively for social good – whether created by entrepreneurs, SMEs or large-scale industry players

2017 Awards - highlight


best practices and the cross-fertilization of ideas for innovative socio-economic development

2017 Awards - provide


a platform to network, mobilize investment and create new business opportunities for ICT solutions with social impact

The awards and who can enter

The ITU Digital World Awards are open to all exhibitors and sponsors present at ITU Digital World, whether within a National or Thematic Pavilion, as an Independent Stand or with an SME Workstation. The Awards are presented in the following categories:


Global SME Awards

for the most promising solutions from SMEs making innovative use of ICTs for social impact.

Global Industry Awards

for the most promising innovative solutions from large companies in a range of categories.


Government Award

for the National Pavilion at ITU Digital World with three or more of the most promising innovative SMEs present at the event who have applied for the Global SME Awards

Host Country SME Award

for the best and most innovative SME or solution from ITU Digital World’s host country

Recognition of Excellence Certificate

for the best innovative exhibitor within each National Pavilion at ITU Digital World

Why enter the awards?

  • Win UN recognition as an innovative ICT4D solutions provider

  • Benefit from international visibility before, during and after the event

  • Network with potential partners, customers and leads from public and private sectors, emerging and developed markets

  • Engage with governments, policy-makers and regulators at the highest level

  • Take part in the SME Programme of capacity building and skills workshops, business matchmaking and networking events

  • Take home the exclusive ITU Digital World Award Winner trophy and certificate

ITU Telecom World Awards 2019 – Winners and Finalists

Congratulations to all the finalists and winners of the ITU Telecom World Awards 2019!

Our jury

A distinguished jury of experts will select a shortlist of Global SME Awards applicants to pitch their solutions onsite at ITU Digital World. Winners in each category other than the Global SME Excellence Award will be selected from this shortlist and announced on the final day of the event. The winner of the Global SME Excellence Award will be chosen following live head-to-head pitches during the high-profile Awards Ceremony.

A second jury with experts in each vertical sector will select the winners of the Global Industry Awards based on social impact, innovative use of ICTs, business model, scalability & replicability, and environmental sustainability.

Our 2019 Global SME Awards jury
Our 2019 Global Industry Awards jury

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Award winners’ success stories

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    SME, Telecomworld 2019
    Semse Apps
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    SME, Telecomworld 2019
  • I speak from my experiences as guiding more than $10 trillion...
    SME, Telecomworld 2018
    Stephen Ibaraki, Chairman, Managing General Partner REDDS Capital
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    SME, Telecomworld 2018
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    SME, Telecomworld 2018
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    SME, Telecomworld 2018
  • I attended ITU Telecom with my co-founder as exhibitors in order...
    SME, Telecomworld 2018
    Tuse Applications
  • ITU Telecom World was a great platform for us as an...
    SME, Telecomworld 2018
  • Modalku was nominated by the Ministry of Telecommunications and Information of...
    SME, Telecomworld 2017
    Modalku, Indonesia
  • Participating in the ITU Summit has been very good for WASPAG...
    SME, Telecomworld 2017
    WASPAG, Ghana
  • I was present at ITU Telecom World with my own booth...
    SME, Telecomworld 2017
    Covenant University, Nigeria
  • Our aim in taking part in ITU Telecom World 2016 was...
    SME, Telecomworld 2016
    Academic Bridge
  • I was amazed by the traction and attendance at ITU Telecom...
    SME, Telecomworld 2016
  • ITU Telecom World was a great platform to showcase our solutions,...
    SME, Telecomworld 2016
  • The exposure to the latest thinking and future trends in ICT...
    SME, Telecomworld 2016
    Health Q2
  • ITU Telecom World provided us with a great opportunity to showcase...
    SME, Telecomworld 2016
    Ulala Lab
  • Winning the ITU Telecom World Award brought our company greatly increased...
    SME, Telecomworld 2015
    Japan Battery Regeneration