Don’t just take our word for it on the value of ITU Telecom World events. Find out what our participants have to say about the benefits of being part of our global platform for governments, corporates and tech SMEs.


ITU Telecom World 2019

Making connections, you hear from the best, you try to benchmark, you share experiences, you find where you have gaps so you can try to up your act so that you come up to the mark. Nyombi Thembo, Director, Rural Development Fund, Rwanda
The important aspect of ITU Telecom World is that it isn’t one segment of the ecosystem, the governments are represented, the private sector is here, NGOs, international organizations, this whole collection of entities. We are very glad to not just attend here but work to kind of build deeper relationships and partnerships with ITU. Salem Avan, Director, Policy Strategy & Governance Div., UN Office of ICT
It is a great event with great value for us and also for the industry. First, it is a show for the latest innovation, and also a platform so the private and public can have a very good dialogue, and this creates a very good environment for all of us for the industry to grow. Edward Zhou, VP, Global Public Affairs, Huawei
I believe that events like ITU Telecom are the most efficient platform for international collaboration and for networking. You can find decision makers from the whole spectrum of ICT in the same place, the right mix of decision makers and experts. I strongly believe that we cannot achieve much without collaboration and this event is a very useful tool to achieve this. Konstantinos Masselos, President, Hellenic Telecommunications & Post Commission
It’s fun. I thought coming to a conference or exhibition would be very tense, but going around you see people having fun, networking. It is a very great platform, not just for business to business or government to government, but actually people and startups like me get so much opportunity from this event. Allana Abdullah, CEO, Bahaso
To be in the ITU family means to put the world like a small village. We can solve problems, speak with ITU leaders, receive some acknowledgement and share some information to all the people in the world on what Angola is doing. Mario Oliveira, Secretary of State for Telecommunications, Angola
We know that in ITU decision makers are coming from the government sector, the private sector and also minister level. So it will help us to understand what they are going to decide for the future so we can align ourselves and our companies with those rules and regulations they are introducing to the world. Mohsen Abouei Mehrizi, Chairman of the ESM Telecommunication, IR
This kind of event is critical, it brings like-minded people together at a senior level who really want to engage, you start very much on the same page and from there you can actually build those relationships and turn them into activities and projects.   From our perspective it’s crucial. Salem Avan, Director, Policy Strategy & Governance Div., UN Office of ICT
This is an excellent platform for the industry and all the sectors to come together and discuss, not only the operators and the manufacturers but also the service providers, the government and the regulators. They exchange views and create partnerships and synergies to make things happen. Mario Maniewicz, Director, Radiocommunication Bureau, ITU
Events such as this are very, very educative. Here is an international platform where we have government, international organizations, regulators, the private sector, all of us in the ecosystem, to come and think through how we can accelerate the agenda of using ICTs to improve lives. Kofi Asante, CEO, Ghana Investment Fund for Electronic Communication
This is a great event, ITU is the union for many countries, a lot of stakeholders, policy makers, regulators are here, and it is good to interact, see what is going on, and how to develop and contribute to those activities. Khalid A. Balkheyour, President & CEO, ARABSAT
For us it’s an important event because we can have a dialogue of what’s needed to achieve the goals of 5G. It is important to have the dialogue we have with the governments, with the regulators, with the other stakeholders, because if we are to make 5G a success we all need to be a part of that game. Lise Fuhr, Director General, ETNO
This is extremely good because it allows us now to take our message to a bigger audience, which is the reason we came here in the first place. We have so many discussions, the opportunities we see, taking that message to governments – it is exceptional. Joel de Messan, CEO, Equanet
I am very excited to know a lot of people are recognizing the work we are doing. Here you get to network with people you wouldn’t have back home, some of whom want to work with us when we go back, so we are going to convert all this into business. Mercy Njue, Botlab, Finalist, ITU Telecom World SME Award Greatest Social Impact
For us it is very important to attend this kind of event because we need to share information, to share knowledge, to be with the telecom family. It is very, very important. We are carrying to Angola a lot of information, a lot of business plans in terms of relationships with other companies. Mario Oliveira, Secretary of State for Telecommunications, Angola

ITU Telecom World 2018

We take it as a learning platform, an opportunity to see new technologies and learn a lot from our colleagues who are ahead of us and to develop the ICT sector in Malawi. Ben Chitsonga, Director of Finance, MACRA, Malawi
Attending an event like this is a great platform for us to connect with many of the partners that we work with today that we don’t get to see on a regular basis. We get to connect with our global peers who are playing important roles in digitizing not just the continent but the globe. Reshaad Sha, CEO, Liquid Telecom
Regulators are theoretical and we need to have more practice to know how things work and in different conditions in practical cases, so this excellent event is a great opportunity to present and share experience. Mindaugas Žilinskas, Deputy Director, CRA, Republic of Lithuania
It’s not just about getting more information or interacting with industry leaders and our customers or stakeholders. It’s also creating that awareness of the new technology era we are moving into. Hennie Venter, CEO, GEW Technologies Ltd
The value of this conference is the ability to take advantage, to make partnerships with different participants, to exchange experiences and be able to invite investors in the ICT sector to Burundi as there is much to be done. Hon. Butoyi Evelyne, Ministre de la Jeunesse, des Postes et des TIC, Burundi
We have big challenges across these markets which we cannot confront on our own, so this combination of the operators, the policy makers, the governments and civil society, we have to work together to solve the challenges and what the ITU does is bring everyone together at the same time, which I think is hugely powerful. Rob Shuter, Group President & CEO, MTN
The benefits are enormous, meeting partners who are suppliers of equipment and service but also future investors, and being able to share experiences Elie Ntihagowumwe, Directeur général, BBS, Burundi
The innovations and companies exhibiting have been great, and the networking amongst the different organisations has been phenomenal. Ashraf Patel, Digital Economy Associate, IGD, University of South Africa
It is a fantastic gathering bringing together professionals from the industry, the public, the UN organizations, the officials to talk to each other, to have heated discussions…this is how you get new ideas, this is how you identify opportunities and challenges. Dr. Amani Abou - Zeid, Commissioner, African Union Commission
We are very happy to be part of this experience, I think it is of great value for us considering the partnerships we have built here, the people we have met and the deals we have actually finalised. It is always a pleasure to see the whole world in one place and get to know each other, and we would love to be part of this experience for as long as it takes. Bazara Imam Ali Barry, Director, Business Development, NCTR, Sudan
If we prepare the world through digital education and digital development, we will have a much better world - and for the first time in mankind’s history it is possible to do this in one generation. César Alierta Izuel, Chairman, Foundatión Telefónica
Through attending these kinds of events we are able to make a contribution, hear the view of governments and our peers on what challenges our industry is facing and this provides further opportunities for us to align on synergies and opportunities for smart partnerships. Ravi Suchak, VP, Public Affairs, EMEA, American Tower Corporation
You bring international expertise from all over the world to one single event, there is a lot of showcasing of products and solutions but more importantly it is an opportunity to engage with people from all over the world, you are meeting with policy makers, with international players, finding areas of cooperation Shameel Joosub, CEO, Vodacom
Unlike most other shows where I just see big brand companies, all the developing countries are here, and it is really for the benefit of all ITU’s member states. David Wen, Chair, ITU Focus Group on Digital Fiat Currency
The main value is knowing the new ideas and sharing knowledge with people coming from all over the world. We are talking about new topics such as agriculture, new concerns in the market, sharing knowledge and getting in touch with the regulators who are setting the laws to create more flexibility for businesses. Mohamad Damush, Group CEO, Telecel Global

ITU Telecom World 2017

This is a very good platform for all stakeholders to talk to each other and exchange ideas. This is now an ecosystem world, many partners together, and this is a very good platform for us to exchange ideas. Jianjun Zhou, Vice President, Carrier Business Group, Huawei
ITU brings in many leaders at different levels of the value chain representing different bodies in the industry ecosystem, if you couple that with good topics such as emerging markets or how telcos can reinvent themselves, this kind of mix brings value not only for Huawei but also for the whole industry. Mohamed Madkour, VP of GWNM, Huawei
The themes are really relevant here, we know that AI will bring a lot of opportunities but it also has its challenges which need to be mitigated in time, so having this forum here bringing experts together from around the world to talk about these matters is essential. Marc Vancoppenolle, Global Head of Government Relations, Nokia
ITU Telecom World gives me inspiration and insights each year. We get to see what other developed and innovative countries are applying in emerging technologies, and it is also a platform for all parties and stakeholders to discuss future development. Yang Hua, Secretary General, TDIA
The biggest take away for me is that we could see the evidence that the digital transformation of our lives is accelerating. The event is an opportunity for us to share our experience and learn from others’ experience, to network with companies in the private sector and with other organisations that share the goal of applying digital technologies to improve the lives of people. Dinh-Huy Banh, Chief of Enterprise Application Centre, United Nations
It’s a one-stop stop shop. You can meet ministers, you can meet entrepreneurs, you can close deals, you can find out what is happening with new technologies, coming here is always a wonderful networking and knowledge-sharing opportunity, it is fantastic. Shola Taylor, Secretary General, CTO
We should use these events to network and to familiarise ourselves with other opportunities, to get to know and benefit from the experiences of others, and to engage for mutual benefit. Dr. A.R. Sharafat, Senior Advisor, MCIT, Iran
We learn many things in terms of applications and innovation, in terms of changing and learning, it is always a platform for us to come and exchange with the world. Abdoulkarim Soumaila, Secretary General, African Telecommunications Union
ITU Telecom is the very best platform for the stakeholders for future smart cities from different backgrounds to hold common visions and communicate freely. Idonae Lovetrue, CEO, Demiurge Technologies
The network and connections you can build at an event like this are invaluable, from a business perspective, from an investor perspective, from a networking perspective. There is so much synergy that we can definitely strengthen partnerships. Matthias Brodner, Simplus Innovation, Global SME Award Best Business Model Winner, South Africa
The sessions are interesting as they are more international, with people from different parts of the world with different attitudes to telecoms, to policy and governance, and sometimes it throws up some of the tensions as well as some of the agreements, which is important to understand for network developers and also for analysts and consultants such as myself. Dean Bubley, Founder & Director, Disruptive Analysis
We operate on a global scale, and ITU is one of the few places where you truly see this diversity. We educate the global community of telecoms on what is at the forefront of technology, what we are thinking about the evolution of the industry, but equally important is getting the feedback on the very different needs between different markets. It is important to us to understand their requirements and make sure that what we do helps them solve some of their urgent problems. Hossein Moiin, Chief Technology Officer, Nokia
There are a number of benefits. The networking opportunity, making sure we are in line with the new technologies being discussed and are connected to the right organizations, the right people, and making sure our SMEs can engage with other potential businesses. It is an opportunity to learn from other countries, to ask the right questions and set up the right meetings. And it is a great visibility opportunity to show what we capable of doing and what we are doing in the country. Nenyi George Andah, Deputy Minister for ICT, Ghana
For us the value is that we can contribute and cooperate with all of the players to identify common opportunities, and how we can collaborate together to define the new future for our country and for all of the world. Rasoul Saraeian, CEO, Telecommunications Company of Iran
If we can collaborate, we can speed up intelligent digital transformation in partnership and collaboration between all of the companies, players and governments, so people trust us to bring them new services and better lives. Rasoul Saraeian, CEO, Telecommunications Company of Iran

ITU Telecom World 2016

It is very important for us as we get to do two things: we present what we can contribute to other organizations but we can also to see what member states as well as private and public sector can give to us, how we can find areas of collaboration, and creating innovation centres. Erzen Ilijazi, Director, Global Operations Div., Office of ICT, U.N.
You can make a tour of the world in a small space, visit stands from neighbours and the rest of the world to see and exchange experiences, in a way which would not otherwise be possible.   Alain Claude Bilie-Bi-Nze, Ministre d'État, Ministre de l'Economie numérique, de la Communication, de la Culture et des Arts, Gabon
It has been of great value, we have had so much good contact, so many follow ups that we have do here, for us the value has been tremendous. Henrik Moelgaard, VP Global Sales, Bluetown
It is key to be in these forums and talk about what we can do together, organize that ecosystem, bring everyone to the same table, integrating the different worlds, because today everything is converging. Carlos Cornejo, Senior Vice President / Group Head New Consumers, Public Sector & Humanitarian Products, MasterCard Worldwide
It’s exciting to meet all the different stakeholders from different sectors - digital is impacting in so many different industries and fields that is good to bring us all together to look at the possible solutions. Lawrence Yanovitch, President, GSMA Foundation
This is a very, very collaborative facilitation where we can learn from global best practices and continue to make the telecoms sector more vibrant, more resilient. Umar Garba Danbatta, Executive Vice Chairman/CEO, Nigerian Communications Commission
We are able to share the Kenyan experience, to showcase our innovations and compare what is happening globally, and have the opportunity to identify key collaborators that can work with the government to help develop the ICT agenda in Kenya. Sammy Itemere, Principal Secretary, Ministry of Information and Communications, Kenya
The Forum brings together people from very many different backgrounds and disciplines to learn from each other best practices to create a more robust environment. Ari Sarker, Co-President Asia Pacific, MasterCard Worldwide
A small company like us doesn’t usually have the opportunity to come to this event, but by participating we can meet the right people, announce and advertise our technologies, which is very helpful for the growth of our business. Hiroshi Tominaga, General Manager, Japan Battery Regeneration, Inc.
The value is the networking, the ability to connect to so many different entities in one location and understand different perspectives. This really helps us in making connections with all the different players. Saj Kumar, VP, Digital Transformation & IoT, SAP Asia Pacific & Japan
The takeaways are seeing what are the best practices in other parts of the world, what innovations those countries are focused on, what new policies are coming into place as technology evolves, and ensuring that we are adopting those in our country as well. Funke Opeke, Chief Executive Officer, MainOne Cable
This is my first time at ITU Telecom World and I was extremely fascinated that at the lunch table I had the government officials from Hungary, Tuvalu, someone from Tonga came over, one person from London representing the commonwealth telecom industry, there was tremendous diversity and viewpoints.   Astrid Tuminez, Regional Director, Corporate, External and Legal Affairs, South East Asia, Microsoft
It is a very good platform to meet people not only from our sector but from other sectors, SMEs and start-ups. Bringing all these people together as new value chains are being created is absolutely critical.   Marc Vancoppenolle, Global Head, Nokia Government Relations
We in the UN community must reach out to diverse audiences, to understand and define collectively what the opportunities are, if we are going to deliver on our mandate of having impact where it is most needed, and that is what brings us to this type of forum. Mukhisa Kituyi, Secretary-General, United Nations Conference on Trade and Development
It is enabling us to connect and link to government, regulators and the private sector, meeting them and also sharing knowledge, what we have and what we learn in the forums, it benefits both sides. Birendra Sasmal, CEO, Subah Infosolutions