Don’t just take our word for it on the value of ITU Telecom World events. Find out what our participants have to say about the benefits of being part of our global platform for governments, corporates and tech SMEs.


ITU Telecom World 2019

The SME Award from ITU Telecom World was a very excellent tool for us to start new business with new companies. Whenever I see Japanese venture companies who have innovative unique technology I tell them you can join ITU Telecom World, it is a good platform and we really appreciate ITU and ITU Telecom World. Hiroshi Tominaga, General Manager, Japan Battery Regeneration Inc.
We have to respond to the opportunity that technology brings in South Africa and how do we collaborate, how do we cooperate. Pinky Kekana, Deputy Minister of Communications & Digital Technology, Republic of South Africa
Seek to participate in these discussions and gain insight into some of the opportunities that have been opened in a number of countries by certain companies - both the private sector and the ITU have very interesting discussions going on. John Omo, Secretary General, African Telecommunications Union (ATU)
It is critical for us to be here – we learn new things being done in other countries, we share our experiences with our colleagues, we meet companies with innovative products to sell, we meet leaders in the field and discuss emerging issues. ITU Telecom World has helped us develop many of the critical innovations that we are working on in Ghana. Ursula G. Owusu Ekuful, Minister of Communications, Ghana
It is always nice for the networking, but more importantly exchanging the way forward on 5G, what is available today and what will be available tomorrow, is very helpful and interesting at this event. Marc Vancopponelle, Global Head of Government Relations, Nokia
I have had a spectacular time. The panels have been fascinating, really interesting and well put together, and having so many senior level government folks who are sharing their thoughts is invaluable. I was very excited to see when I walked around the exhibit floor how many countries are here so you can actually go and spend some time and talk with them. Jennifer Manner, Senior Vice President of Regulatory Affairs, EchoStar Operating LLC
To be in the ITU family means to put the world like a small village. We can solve problems, speak with ITU leaders, receive some acknowledgement and share some information to all the people in the world on what Angola is doing. Mario Oliveira, Secretary of State for Telecommunications, Angola
ITU Telecom World is a global platform, it is a great opportunity for all stakeholders to get together to discuss connectivity, policies, how these contribute to our digital transformation. That is the value of ITU Telecom World. Chaesub Lee, Director, Telecommunication Standardization Bureau, ITU
We know that in ITU decision makers are coming from the government sector, the private sector and also minister level. So it will help us to understand what they are going to decide for the future so we can align ourselves and our companies with those rules and regulations they are introducing to the world. Mohsen Abouei Mehrizi, Chairman of the ESM Telecommunication, IR
I believe that events like ITU Telecom are the most efficient platform for international collaboration and for networking. You can find decision makers from the whole spectrum of ICT in the same place, the right mix of decision makers and experts. I strongly believe that we cannot achieve much without collaboration and this event is a very useful tool to achieve this. Konstantinos Masselos, President, Hellenic Telecommunications & Post Commission
Meeting some brilliant people. It’s a great opportunity for ministers, CEOs, thought leaders to come together to thrash out some of the really challenging issues. Professor Tim Unwin, Co-Founder, TEQtogether
This event is the platform to be able to talk to other leaders across the board. This is the platform where you meet the people who make the decisions that affect people that matter. Here is the place to be to speak to the right people to make connectivity happen. Joel de Messan, Founder & Chairman, Equanet
It is a great place to network. It is very multi stakeholder, we have seen this week we have academia, we have civil society, the operators, the equipment companies, the regulators, the policy makers. It is really about convening and bringing everyone together and discussing the latest challenges and how we can together advance meaningful connectivity. Doreen Bogdan Martin, Director, Telecommunication Development Bureau, ITU
For us it’s an important event because we can have a dialogue of what’s needed to achieve the goals of 5G. It is important to have the dialogue we have with the governments, with the regulators, with the other stakeholders, because if we are to make 5G a success we all need to be a part of that game. Lise Fuhr, Director General, ETNO
I had absolutely no idea about the scale of the event - the real value for me is that we are already beginning to meet people in the ITU who actually do have a significant impact on countries, and I see real value in that. Kyle Whitehill, CEO, Avanti Communications Group

ITU Telecom World 2018

It is great value, the only downside is that I am being overworked! It is a great networking platform from the private sector to government, ministers, regulators. The biggest value is the working group sessions, the great conversations happening there – I look forward to it every year. Patrick Nyirishema, Director General, RURA, Rwanda
You can catch up with colleagues from industry or from other sectors, you can share best practices and the nice thing is that everyone is on the same page related to 5G, you have countries that are more advanced than others but there is big progress also in developing markets, that’s great to hear. Marc Vancoppenolle, Global Head of Government Relations, NOKIA
We have big challenges across these markets which we cannot confront on our own, so this combination of the operators, the policy makers, the governments and civil society, we have to work together to solve the challenges and what the ITU does is bring everyone together at the same time, which I think is hugely powerful. Rob Shuter, Group President & CEO, MTN
It’s been brilliant to be able to meet so many ministers, regulators, directors of ICT all within one space, whereas normally we would have had to travel thousands of miles. Andy Bates, Executive Director, UK & EMEA, Global Cyber Alliance
It was really great chance to be here and introduce some services and content to other countries. We met many partners here from Africa and we`d like to come again to expand our business again. Helen Lee, Director, Marvus
It focuses on the technology but also on the social side of telecommunications, it brings together both industry and regulators - this is the only place we want to be. Jean-Paul Chaib, Managing Director, LS telcom France
Government leaders from all over the world converge here and have discussions with top industry players and CEOs, sharing their experiences and what they are doing to overcome challenges, helping us to move faster than if you were doing it on your own. HE Siyabonga Cwele, Minister of DTPS, South Africa
To learn, to network, to be able to meet other countries and people, learn what they are doing, share what you are doing back home and constantly improve. It is a good opportunity to network, to meet, to know each other, and that human contact is important Fatuma Hirsi Mohamed, Principal Secretary Broadcasting and Telecomms., Kenya
As an MVNO, in certain markets, especially emerging markets, we may not have a strong local presence ourselves so we are seeking partnerships here to build a presence, how we can extend our capabilities and enable our partners to be successful in the local markets in which they specialise. Tim Sherwood, Vice President, Business Development, Mobility & IOT Solution
These events are very important as we talk about everything, you see the points of view of other people which are interesting, share your points of view and you have the framework to collaborate in a better way. César Alierta Izuel, Chairman, Foundatión Telefónica
It is a fantastic gathering bringing together professionals from the industry, the public, the UN organizations, the officials to talk to each other, to have heated discussions…this is how you get new ideas, this is how you identify opportunities and challenges. Dr. Amani Abou - Zeid, Commissioner, African Union Commission
It is truly remarkable, the cultural interaction learning from different nations, different cultures, different regions. Ashraf Patel, Digital Economy Associate, IGD, University of South Africa
We take it as a learning platform, an opportunity to see new technologies and learn a lot from our colleagues who are ahead of us and to develop the ICT sector in Malawi. Ben Chitsonga, Director of Finance, MACRA, Malawi
I am always very interested to see what new ideas are coming out in different markets, and the event inspires me in terms of thinking of ways of providing new services into the marketplace. Craig Price, SVP, International Projects, Craig Price
It’s not just about getting more information or interacting with industry leaders and our customers or stakeholders. It’s also creating that awareness of the new technology era we are moving into. Hennie Venter, CEO, GEW Technologies Ltd

ITU Telecom World 2017

We should use these events to network and to familiarise ourselves with other opportunities, to get to know and benefit from the experiences of others, and to engage for mutual benefit. Dr. A.R. Sharafat, Senior Advisor, MCIT, Iran
We are targeting global markets here. RJ Choi, CFO, Moneybrain
There are a number of benefits. The networking opportunity, making sure we are in line with the new technologies being discussed and are connected to the right organizations, the right people, and making sure our SMEs can engage with other potential businesses. It is an opportunity to learn from other countries, to ask the right questions and set up the right meetings. And it is a great visibility opportunity to show what we capable of doing and what we are doing in the country. Nenyi George Andah, Deputy Minister for ICT, Ghana
We have to be talking about sustainable development through transformational smart solutions, and this is the way to go - we have to learn from each other and we have to implement fast. François Régis Gatarayiha, Permanent Secretary, MiTEC Rwanda
The sessions are the real meat of this conference, listening to thought leaders talking about AI coupled with IoT and big data and mobile technology, it a fantastic opportunity for learning and networking. Monchito B. Ibrahim, Undersecretary, DICT, Philippines
It is an international showcase where we are able to show to the world what we are doing but also it is a good learning process for us to learn a lot and move forward as a nation. Ben Chitsonga, Finanical Director, MACRA, Malawi
ITU Telecom is the very best platform for the stakeholders for future smart cities from different backgrounds to hold common visions and communicate freely. Idonae Lovetrue, CEO, Demiurge Technologies
This event has been awesome for me in terms of networking and learning. This type of event brings everyone together to meet and get a good picture of what is happening. Ozzeir Khan, Chief, ICT Business Relationship Management, United Nations
This is a different audience with a government and policy slant but also many interesting startups. Dean Bubley, Founder & Director, Disruptive Analysis
Every time we come here, we come out with a new mindset. It’s a win-win situation, we come out with new partners, government agencies see our product and are excited and we are able to go there and maximise their revenue or implement our systems over there. These are kind of relationships we have got through ITU, so we think we can learn something and give something to the society. Birendra Sasmal, Chief Executive Officer, Subah
The value is huge because it is an excellent platform, you have the conference sessions, you have the networking and you have the exhibition - so it is a good cocktail. Marc Vancoppenolle, Global Head of Government Relations, Nokia
This event is an opportunity to meet all the actors in the international ecosystem. It was superb, really different visions from Asia and Africa, we met old partners and new, shard good practice, seen the enormous opportunities with SMEs in Iran and in South Africa – it was a really rich experience. Sabrina Mendes, International Market Intelligene, Softex, Brazil
It is a great opportunity for us to take our ideas and innovations to a global market. This is a unique event for bringing together such a wide selection of countries to one site. Tomomi Takagi, CFO, Melody International
It is very exciting. We have learnt a whole lot, even in connectivity itself, we have interacted with companies, we have networked a lot with investors, we have invited them to our country and we can transform our society through them. Hon. Sidie Tunis, Minority Chief Whip, Sierra Leone
We learn many things in terms of applications and innovation, in terms of changing and learning, it is always a platform for us to come and exchange with the world. Abdoulkarim Soumaila, Secretary General, African Telecommunications Union

ITU Telecom World 2016

My panel was a very fertile conversation, these are the kind of conversations that can happen here and we can move forward with better ideas.   Astrid Tuminez, Regional Director, Corporate, External and Legal Affairs, South East Asia, Microsoft
We in the UN community must reach out to diverse audiences, to understand and define collectively what the opportunities are, if we are going to deliver on our mandate of having impact where it is most needed, and that is what brings us to this type of forum. Mukhisa Kituyi, Secretary-General, United Nations Conference on Trade and Development
I want to introduce our solution to telecom companies or IOT platform companies so this event is a special time for me.   Park Eunmin, , AMADAS Co., Ltd
This event is very helpful for us to understand ICT trends all over the world and to keep and enhance better relationships with partners all over the world in networking with ICT.   Manabu Kahara, President, NTT Communications (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Japan have been supporting and collaborating with the ITU event and exhibition for a long time, we are very much pleased to work with ITU and to find potential partners for collaboration: especially towards giving social benefit.   Hiroshi Kumagai, Former Vice President, Director General of Resilient ICT Research Center, NICT
We are able to share the Kenyan experience, to showcase our innovations and compare what is happening globally, and have the opportunity to identify key collaborators that can work with the government to help develop the ICT agenda in Kenya. Sammy Itemere, Principal Secretary, Ministry of Information and Communications, Kenya
The Forum brings together people from very many different backgrounds and disciplines to learn from each other best practices to create a more robust environment. Ari Sarker, Co-President Asia Pacific, MasterCard Worldwide
ITU is a very good opportunity for us because big companies and small companies meet here and we can find very good partners here, it gives us a very good chance to cooperate with several companies. Park Jiyeon, , ulalaLAB
It is key to be in these forums and talk about what we can do together, organize that ecosystem, bring everyone to the same table, integrating the different worlds, because today everything is converging. Carlos Cornejo, Senior Vice President / Group Head New Consumers, Public Sector & Humanitarian Products, MasterCard Worldwide
We are facing the same challenges, looking for broadband connectivity and to avoid the digital divide, just the scale of the problem is so different, comparing for example what I am facing in Portugal to what the Indian regulator is facing. But our concerns are the same and we can learn from each other and this is amazing. Fatima Barros, Chair, ANACOM Board of Directors
You can make a tour of the world in a small space, visit stands from neighbours and the rest of the world to see and exchange experiences, in a way which would not otherwise be possible.   Alain Claude Bilie-Bi-Nze, Ministre d'État, Ministre de l'Economie numérique, de la Communication, de la Culture et des Arts, Gabon
Participating in ITU is really great leverage for us to introduce our technology to a global market. Sung Yoonju, , Ripplebuds
It is very important to be here and meet people I have met before and build confidence and trust in terms of what we have learnt from each other. Also networking with new people I have never met before, they have talent and experience to share, and bringing Vanuatu to other places, to get the exposure for Vanuatu.   Dalsie Baniala, Telecommunications and Radiocommunications Regulator, Vanuatu
We learn about many things from different markets, where we don’t have the chance to meet the people or learn about these markets every day. We are learning from each other and sharing our best practices and this is the best thing of putting all these people together. Fatima Barros, Chair, ANACOM Board of Directors
It is enabling us to connect and link to government, regulators and the private sector, meeting them and also sharing knowledge, what we have and what we learn in the forums, it benefits both sides. Birendra Sasmal, CEO, Subah Infosolutions