ethio telecom

ethio telecom is an integrated telecommunications service provider in Ethiopia. It provides both mobile and fixed line telephone, and internet services. ethio telecom is owned by the government of Ethiopia and it is one of the most effective state owned corporate enterprises. It is the second giant telecom service provider in Africa next to MTN Nigeria.

As of June 30, 2017 ethio telecom has over 59,899,000 total subscribers, of which 58,081,000 are mobile subscribers, 16 ,505,000 are internet subscribers, and 1, 170,000 are fixed line subscribers. ethio telecom has a keen interest in promoting the use of modern technologies. It is one of few African market telecom operators that have commercialized 4G/LTE services. In Ethiopia mobile subscribers throughout the country are using 3G and 2G services, and in the capital city Addis Ababa additional 4G/LTE services are available. The government of Ethiopia is strongly committed to developing the telecommunication infrastructure. Consecutive telecommunication expansion projects have been completed. As per the country’s Growth and Transformation Plan II (GTP II), the telecom expansion project (TEP2) is underway, which is expected to result in 100% mobile penetration, 54% internet penetration and 10% fixed line penetration by 2020. ethio telecom has over 21,000 KM fiber optics backbone in the country which makes broadband connectivity very viable.

Why should Exhibition visitors come to your stand?
ethio telecom is a telecom service provider. As of June 30, 2017, it has about 60 million subscribers. Since Ethiopia is the second largest African country in terms of population size, the existing customer base and available potential customers will make ethio telecom a  preferred partner for all working in the the telecom industry. Technical solution providers, system integrators, equipment vendors, manufacturers, satellite service providers, and different telecom operators, and in general telecommunication/ICT industry players will find ethio telecom's stand an ideal networking platform.

Contact Information

Address: Churchill Avenue, P.O.Box 1047
1047 Addis Ababa

Phone: +251115505678