South Africa Pavilion

The Department's mandate is derived from national policies and legislation for the attainment of the following goals:

  • To develop ICT policies and legislation that create conditions for an accelerated and shared growth of the South African economy, which positively impacts on the well-being of all our people;
  • To ensure the development of robust, reliable, secure and affordable ICT infrastructure that supports and enables the provision of a multiplicity of applications and services to meet the needs of the country and its people;
  • To contribute to the development of an inclusive information society which positions South Africa as an advanced information-based society in which information and ICT tools are key drivers of economic and societal development;
  • To contribute to e-skilling the nation for equitable prosperity and global competitiveness;
  • To strengthen the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA), in order to enable it to regulate the sector in the public interest and ensure growth and stability in the sector;
  • To enhance the capacity of, and exercise oversight over, State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) as the delivery arms of government; and
  • To fulfil South Africa’s continental and international responsibilities in the ICT field.

Why should Exhibition visitors come to your stand?
The exhibition will showcase South Africa's revised ICT policies, leading programmes and projects to “create a vibrant ICT sector that ensures that all South Africans have access to robust, reliable, affordable and secure ICT services in order to advance socio-economic development goals, support the Africa agenda and contribute to building a better world”.

There will be a number of interesting areas of focus on the exhibition stand, including:

  1. Policy and legislative framework;
  2. The role of the independent regulator;
  3. The national e-strategy for socio-economic development through ICTs; and
  4. Priority projects and roleplayers who are actively promoting:
  • universal broadband access
  • e-skills training and ICT research
  • innovation in e-government
  • independent signal distribution and Community Broadcasting
  • the promotion of SMEs
  • research and innovation in ICTs
  • cyber-security and awareness
  • the development of the Internet
  • South Africa's role in astronomical research
  • Promoting research and practical training in the ethical dimensions of the Information Society.
  • innovation hubs

Contact Information

Address: Park Street, Hatfield, iParioli Office Park

Phone: +27115663007