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The information provided in this form will be published on the ITU Telecom World 2017 Exhibitor & Sponsor Listing webpage in June and in the event app in August.

This is your opportunity to provide other event participants with interesting, relevant and useful information on your company, country or organization and its activities for networking purposes and to set up meetings with you onsite.

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Please provide the name of someone from your company or delegation who will be present at the event. Other event participants can then use these details to ask for more information on your organization or request a meeting with you at the event - a great opportunity to promote your stand, network and connect directly.

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Stand Activity

Use this section to engage with your audience by providing as much information as possible on what event participants can do, see, discuss and find out about on your stand. Who can they meet, what projects or initiatives are you showcasing, when are you planning presentations or demos? This is your chance to start promoting your event presence!

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