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Experts from public and private sectors, from around the world and across the ICT ecosystem have their say on key industry issues at ITU Telecom World.

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Education for all only can be realized if you have Internet for all. Ahmad Shabery Cheek, Minister, Ministry of Communications and Multimedia, Malaysia
IPTV is going to drive a lot of traffic, a lot of downstream traffic, and the models for regulatory and financial compensation are not yet well suited to make that adaptation or adjustment. Rob Frieden, Pioneers Chair and Professor of Telecommunications and Law, Pennsylvania State University
Digital migration is held hostage to the interests of broadcasters. Fred Matiang'i, Minister, Ministry of Information, Communication and Technology, Kenya
The core principle, that regulations should try to protect the consumers.. and then we encourage the consumers to have knowledge of it, in advance of technology, and at the same time, we encourage the operators to have social responsibility. And if we have problems, we will be prepared for the dispute setup mechanism. Suthiphon Thaveechaiyagarn, Commissioner, NBTC, Thailand
If you think education is expensive, try ignorance. Tim Unwin, Secretary General, Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation
Trust is gained very slowly and lost very quickly. Harm Jans Arendhorst, Head of Identity and Privacy Services EMEA, Verizon Enterprise Solutions
If you are in the telco business, you are in the trust business. Gerd Leonhard, Futurist & CEO, The Futures Agency
Don't follow the old models. Old models are no longer appropriate. So think again. Alan Horne, Chief Executive Officer, Broadband Pioneer
We have been saying that we need to invest in training and equipping the teachers for the digital classroom for more than a decade, and it still hasn't happened. That takes pedagogy as well. Tim Unwin, Secretary General, Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation
We have so many teachers who were trained and have been practicing for a very long time in the analog framework and transitioning them to the digital framework is not easy. We need to invest resources in training and equipping teachers for the digital classroom. Fred Matiang'i, Minister, Ministry of Information, Communication and Technology, Kenya
Subsidize the users, not the network Helen Lai, Balancing competition and subsidies in broadband promotion,
There are no solutions, only tradeoffs. Peter Pitsch, Executive Director, Communications Policy and Associate General Counsel, Intel Corporation
It's about connecting with the consumers, connecting with the advertiser, whether it is a mobile, a tablet, a desktop, it is a channel to market. Robbie Hills, Head of Media Technologies - China, South East Asia & India, Google
We are applying thought processes from a circuit type world and inventing new words like bandwidth so we can use the old familiar thought processes in an inappropriate way in this new world. Martin Geddes, Founder, Martin Geddes Consulting
Consequential economies of scale from the use of international standards reduces the cost, increases competition, and lowers costs both to vendors, to service providers and to consumers. Malcolm Johnson, Director, Telecommunications Standardization Bureau, ITU
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