Office/Hospitality Suites

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Network, negotiate, demonstrate, deal and discuss. In your private onsite office or hospitality space.

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Why an Office/Hospitality Suite?

Book an equipped, enclosed office or hospitality suite to get the best possible value from your ITU Telecom World experience. Available with different layouts, sizes and facilities, and for differing periods of time throughout the event: 

  • Host high-level meetings
  • Explore investment and partnership opportunities
  • Hold private demonstrations to an invited audience
  • Host social and networking functions with existing and prospective clients
  • Learn and share knowledge on the latest developments in the ICT industry
  • Benefit from global visibility on the event website, with guest blogs and in the event app
  • Apply for the ITU Telecom World Awards to win international recognition, unique networking & visibility opportunities

Enjoy 10% discount on all Office/Hospitality Suite rental if you are an exhibitor or sponsor at ITU Telecom World

We have benefited a lot in terms of networking, and in terms of business expansion. This is the right place for us, it provides exposure and it provides experience, we will take it back to Sudan and implement what we can do and make a difference.Bazara Imam Ali Barry, Business Development DPT. Director, NCTR, Sudan

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