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It brings together public and private sectors, emerging markets and industry investors to explore the current massive disruption of the ICT sector and its implications for the future.

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World 2014

Radical change continues to transform the entire ICT Industry, ecosystem and our world. ITU Telecom World 2014 in Doha, Qatar is a unique opportunity to explore the new realities of the industry and examine how future scenarios could impact our businesses and lives.

Unique features:

  • Influential audience bringing together public and private sectors
  • Insight and understanding of the evolving ICT ecosystem
  • World-class debates on  technology, policy and strategy
  • Showcasing global innovation  and investment opportunities
  • Unparalleled exposure to emerging markets
  • Face-to-face networking at the highest level

The Outcomes Reports


The future of ICTs according to the experts

The Outcomes from ITU Telecom World 2013 and ITU Telecom World 2012.

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2013 highlights

  • "Regulation is a different type of service that really calls for more of an enabling kind of agency‑wide or government‑wide policy."

    Jacquelynn Ruff, Vice-President, International Public Policy and Regulatory Affairs
    Verizon Communications

  • "Subsidize the users, not the network"

    Helen Lai, Balancing competition and subsidies in broadband promotion

  • "Education for all only can be realized if you have Internet for all."

    Ahmad Shabery Cheek, Minister
    Ministry of Communications and Multimedia, Malaysia

  • "The data by itself is not all that interesting.  It is when you make it actionable and it is providing the insights.  And that is where the data analytics is key to creating the value going forward."

    Robert Pepper, Vice President
    Global Technology Policy, Cisco Systems

  • "The core theory of IT is about achieving an end, it's not about IT for the sake of IT. It's the same for apps."

    Peter Mercieca, Partner, Technology Media & Telecommunications


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