ITU Telecom World 2015

October 12-15, 2015 | Budapest

The global platform for high-level debate,networking, innovation-showcasing
and knowledge-sharing across the ICT community

Bringing together public and private sectors, emerging markets and industry investors, the events are about showcasing countries, organizations and innovations, exploring the current massive disruption of the ICT sector and sharing insight and best practice for the future.

ITU Telecom World delegates include:

  • Ministers of ICT and any related sector such as finance, health, education, energy
  • Regulators of ICT, data and any related sector
  • Exhibitors from nations, companies and organizations around the world
  • Operators, vendors and service providers
  • Innovators, digital thinkers, consultants
  • Non-governmental organizations
  • Academia
  • Media

ITU Telecom World 2014

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ITU: Insights from Yury vangeest on pace of change, disruption, #singularity, speaking at recent #ITUWORLD event…

Insights from Yury @vangeest on pace of change, disruption, #singularity, speaking at recent #ITUWORLD event…

What people said

  • "It is about inspiration, it is about great networking, it is a great audience to have a top down impact to change the world in a better way, to improve humanity."

    Yuri van Geest, Managing Director
    Singularity University Summit Europe

  • "This was basically the best conversation on telecom in the world, andshould be the focus of the whole telecom sector around the world for these four days. Its outcome will be very important to reshape the future."

    Waleed al Sayed, Chief Operating Officer

  • "The first value is to feel the atmosphere, as a lot of policy makers are gathered here, to see how it evolves, what the questions are, what they want from us, whether they have feedback"

    Gabrielle Gauthey, Executive VP

  • "At Telecom World, you will find many ministers, vice ministers, permanent secretaries, these are decision makers for their countries, and we get a chance to meet with them, talk with them about their plans and share with them best practice, and very often there will be decisions made here that are then implemented later in the country. "

    John Davies, Vice President and General Manager, World Ahead Program

  • "The good thing about events like this is that the right policy makers are all joined in a place like this so you can discuss and debate and enervate .. to get things done."

    Samer Halawi, CEO
    Thuraya Telecommunications Company


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