Don’t just take our word for it on the value of ITU Telecom World events. Find out what our participants have to say about the benefits of being part of our global platform for governments, corporates and tech SMEs.


ITU Telecom World 2019

This kind of event is critical, it brings like-minded people together at a senior level who really want to engage, you start very much on the same page and from there you can actually build those relationships and turn them into activities and projects.   From our perspective it’s crucial. Salem Avan, Director, Policy Strategy & Governance Div., UN Office of ICT
For us it is very important to attend this kind of event because we need to share information, to share knowledge, to be with the telecom family. It is very, very important. We are carrying to Angola a lot of information, a lot of business plans in terms of relationships with other companies. Mario Oliveira, Secretary of State for Telecommunications, Angola
Seek to participate in these discussions and gain insight into some of the opportunities that have been opened in a number of countries by certain companies - both the private sector and the ITU have very interesting discussions going on. John Omo, Secretary General, African Telecommunications Union (ATU)
We as a country look at this as an opportunity to bring our innovators to showcase their solutions and product but also to link with the rest and learn what is happening so they can develop more ideas in order to become a service that will have a transformative effect on the economy. Prof. Américo F. Muchanga, Chairman, The B.R.C.A. of Mozambique
I believe that events like ITU Telecom are the most efficient platform for international collaboration and for networking. You can find decision makers from the whole spectrum of ICT in the same place, the right mix of decision makers and experts. I strongly believe that we cannot achieve much without collaboration and this event is a very useful tool to achieve this. Konstantinos Masselos, President, Hellenic Telecommunications & Post Commission
It’s fun. I thought coming to a conference or exhibition would be very tense, but going around you see people having fun, networking. It is a very great platform, not just for business to business or government to government, but actually people and startups like me get so much opportunity from this event. Allana Abdullah, CEO, Bahaso
The SME Award from ITU Telecom World was a very excellent tool for us to start new business with new companies. Whenever I see Japanese venture companies who have innovative unique technology I tell them you can join ITU Telecom World, it is a good platform and we really appreciate ITU and ITU Telecom World. Hiroshi Tominaga, General Manager, Japan Battery Regeneration Inc.
We would like to exhibit and show our products, but it is also about networking. Digital transformation is changing our society and it is good to meet people to talk about it, because we as a company have to adapt to the future technology. So that’s it, exhibition and networking. Mathias Pauli, Vice President R&D, ROHDE & SCHWARZ
It is a great event with great value for us and also for the industry. First, it is a show for the latest innovation, and also a platform so the private and public can have a very good dialogue, and this creates a very good environment for all of us for the industry to grow. Edward Zhou, VP, Global Public Affairs, Huawei
Telecom World is one of the most important events wherever it is held - so we have to make the most out of these four days. Ákos Bóna, Director for International Affairs, Digital Future Foundation
So much value! We meet with our own members who are here, it is perfect timing to talk with them about their priority needs. It is also an opportunity for us, too, because there are other industry players who need to know about CTO, and they want to take part, help promote the digital economy and become a sector member. Gisa Fuatai Purcell, Acting Secretary General, CTO
It is critical for us to be here – we learn new things being done in other countries, we share our experiences with our colleagues, we meet companies with innovative products to sell, we meet leaders in the field and discuss emerging issues. ITU Telecom World has helped us develop many of the critical innovations that we are working on in Ghana. Ursula G. Owusu Ekuful, Minister of Communications, Ghana
Networking and actually knowing the people that are legislating in another country and sharing informed discussions with people, policy makers and regulators, is the real value of conferences such as this. Silvio Schembri, Minister for Financial Services, Malta
For us it’s an important event because we can have a dialogue of what’s needed to achieve the goals of 5G. It is important to have the dialogue we have with the governments, with the regulators, with the other stakeholders, because if we are to make 5G a success we all need to be a part of that game. Lise Fuhr, Director General, ETNO
This is a great event, ITU is the union for many countries, a lot of stakeholders, policy makers, regulators are here, and it is good to interact, see what is going on, and how to develop and contribute to those activities. Khalid A. Balkheyour, President & CEO, ARABSAT

ITU Telecom World 2018

These events are very important as we talk about everything, you see the points of view of other people which are interesting, share your points of view and you have the framework to collaborate in a better way. César Alierta Izuel, Chairman, Foundatión Telefónica
It’s amazing, it’s a wonderful opportunity for the ITU family to come together and learn from each other’s experiences, to know that we are doing the right things and also to borrow from one another to accelerate the pace of our development. Hon. Ursula G. Owusu-Ekuful, Minister of Communications, Ghana
We want to introduce TIAA to more countries, we want to search more opportunities for cooperation, we would like to participate in ITU Telecom World to introduce ourselves. Zhufang Wu, Assistant Secretary -General, TIAA
As an MVNO, in certain markets, especially emerging markets, we may not have a strong local presence ourselves so we are seeking partnerships here to build a presence, how we can extend our capabilities and enable our partners to be successful in the local markets in which they specialise. Tim Sherwood, Vice President, Business Development, Mobility & IOT Solution
It is a fantastic gathering bringing together professionals from the industry, the public, the UN organizations, the officials to talk to each other, to have heated discussions…this is how you get new ideas, this is how you identify opportunities and challenges. Dr. Amani Abou - Zeid, Commissioner, African Union Commission
You can talk for a long time about transformation, but you need to get into the area, as ITU Telecom World does, to see exactly what people are doing. That’s coupled that with a lot of good topics - and collaboration, talking about different things with different people at the same time, cultivating collaboration amongst the ecosystem suppliers, that is a great thing to do. Dr. Mohamed Madkour, Vice President, GWNM, Huawei Technologies
We are very happy to be part of this experience, I think it is of great value for us considering the partnerships we have built here, the people we have met and the deals we have actually finalised. It is always a pleasure to see the whole world in one place and get to know each other, and we would love to be part of this experience for as long as it takes. Bazara Imam Ali Barry, Director, Business Development, NCTR, Sudan
This event is eye-opening to all of us. Our SMEs and all our colleagues will take the good ideas here and see how they can implement them at home, see what is happening elsewhere in the continent and beyond. Prof. Américo F. Muchanga, Director General, INCM, Mozambique
We have big challenges across these markets which we cannot confront on our own, so this combination of the operators, the policy makers, the governments and civil society, we have to work together to solve the challenges and what the ITU does is bring everyone together at the same time, which I think is hugely powerful. Rob Shuter, Group President & CEO, MTN
You see so many types of different people, you have so much valuable exchange between governments, telecom executives and the like, and fundamentally it is a great place to see a vibrant part of the global economy. Jacques Bughin, Senior Partner, McKinsey & Company
It’s not just about getting more information or interacting with industry leaders and our customers or stakeholders. It’s also creating that awareness of the new technology era we are moving into. Hennie Venter, CEO, GEW Technologies Ltd
The main value is knowing the new ideas and sharing knowledge with people coming from all over the world. We are talking about new topics such as agriculture, new concerns in the market, sharing knowledge and getting in touch with the regulators who are setting the laws to create more flexibility for businesses. Mohamad Damush, Group CEO, Telecel Global
It is a great honour for me, as small company with lots of potential. I saw a lot of companies like us here, we would like to come here every year if we have the chance, all the ICT system is here to cooperate with, and there are many ceremonies and festivals to have fun together, it is very good Sujeong Park, Manager, iKoob
This is the best place to meet the regulatory agencies, the mobile network operators, the telecoms ministers. Pascal Prot, Chief Technical Officer, Legos
I am always very interested to see what new ideas are coming out in different markets, and the event inspires me in terms of thinking of ways of providing new services into the marketplace. Craig Price, SVP, International Projects, Craig Price

ITU Telecom World 2017

The value comes from the opportunity to network, and to get to know your peers, your potential customers and the other entities you can collaborate with. Dr. A.R. Sharafat, Senior Advisor, MCIT, Iran
The benefits are immense, and we will continue to put a premium on attendance at this event as it is an important way of showcasing our achievements in this sector as well as getting ideas on how best we can move telecoms forward in our country. Professor Umar Garba Danbatta, Executive Vice Chairman, Nigerian Communications Commission
I am proud to be here to see the exciting innovations not only in the telecoms sector but also in other areas like fintech, ecommerce and 5G - the new era of technology here inspires me to do more and want to achieve more for society. Iwan Kurniawan, CEO & Co-founder, Modalku, Global SME Excellence Award Winner, Indonesia
We operate on a global scale, and ITU is one of the few places where you truly see this diversity. We educate the global community of telecoms on what is at the forefront of technology, what we are thinking about the evolution of the industry, but equally important is getting the feedback on the very different needs between different markets. It is important to us to understand their requirements and make sure that what we do helps them solve some of their urgent problems. Hossein Moiin, Chief Technology Officer, Nokia
There are a number of benefits. The networking opportunity, making sure we are in line with the new technologies being discussed and are connected to the right organizations, the right people, and making sure our SMEs can engage with other potential businesses. It is an opportunity to learn from other countries, to ask the right questions and set up the right meetings. And it is a great visibility opportunity to show what we capable of doing and what we are doing in the country. Nenyi George Andah, Deputy Minister for ICT, Ghana
This event is an opportunity to meet all the actors in the international ecosystem. It was superb, really different visions from Asia and Africa, we met old partners and new, shard good practice, seen the enormous opportunities with SMEs in Iran and in South Africa – it was a really rich experience. Sabrina Mendes, International Market Intelligene, Softex, Brazil
It is a real opportunity for BEREC to be here because as regulators we are part of this telecom family. For us to be here, to hear what people have to say and to share our view about how to build this smart transformation is very useful. Sebastien Soriano, President, ARCEP, Chair, BEREC
The network and connections you can build at an event like this are invaluable, from a business perspective, from an investor perspective, from a networking perspective. There is so much synergy that we can definitely strengthen partnerships. Matthias Brodner, Simplus Innovation, Global SME Award Best Business Model Winner, South Africa
We have benefited a lot in terms of networking, and in terms of business expansion. This is the right place for us, it provides exposure and it provides experience, we will take it back to Sudan and implement what we can do and make a difference. Bazara Imam Ali Barry, Business Development Dpt. Director, NCTR, Sudan
It is great for me to expand our network and share our experience with the leaders, that is of great value to me, and to communicate excellence in the digital capability of Seoul to the world. Chi Hyung Lee, President & CEO, Seoul Digital Foundation
This is a very good platform for all stakeholders to talk to each other and exchange ideas. This is now an ecosystem world, many partners together, and this is a very good platform for us to exchange ideas. Jianjun Zhou, Vice President, Carrier Business Group, Huawei
It is great to have this type of event and meet people from all different sectors, I have met some fantastic people here from totally different backgrounds, but we are all passionate and interested in the same things so hopefully we can make a difference. Beate Degen, Partner, Ernst & Young
For us the value is that we can contribute and cooperate with all of the players to identify common opportunities, and how we can collaborate together to define the new future for our country and for all of the world. Rasoul Saraeian, CEO, Telecommunications Company of Iran
If we can collaborate, we can speed up intelligent digital transformation in partnership and collaboration between all of the companies, players and governments, so people trust us to bring them new services and better lives. Rasoul Saraeian, CEO, Telecommunications Company of Iran
ITU brings in many leaders at different levels of the value chain representing different bodies in the industry ecosystem, if you couple that with good topics such as emerging markets or how telcos can reinvent themselves, this kind of mix brings value not only for Huawei but also for the whole industry. Mohamed Madkour, VP of GWNM, Huawei

ITU Telecom World 2016

A small company like us doesn’t usually have the opportunity to come to this event, but by participating we can meet the right people, announce and advertise our technologies, which is very helpful for the growth of our business. Hiroshi Tominaga, General Manager, Japan Battery Regeneration, Inc.
It is a very good platform to meet people not only from our sector but from other sectors, SMEs and start-ups. Bringing all these people together as new value chains are being created is absolutely critical.   Marc Vancoppenolle, Global Head, Nokia Government Relations
This is a very, very collaborative facilitation where we can learn from global best practices and continue to make the telecoms sector more vibrant, more resilient. Umar Garba Danbatta, Executive Vice Chairman/CEO, Nigerian Communications Commission
It is a great chance to see and talk to many people involved in the business, ITU people, government, carriers, service providers, new companies, to talk to them and present our new solutions. Shinichiro Nakamura, Deputy Division Director of Global Business Divison, Internet Initiative Japan
We are facing the same challenges, looking for broadband connectivity and to avoid the digital divide, just the scale of the problem is so different, comparing for example what I am facing in Portugal to what the Indian regulator is facing. But our concerns are the same and we can learn from each other and this is amazing. Fatima Barros, Chair, ANACOM Board of Directors
The Forum brings together people from very many different backgrounds and disciplines to learn from each other best practices to create a more robust environment. Ari Sarker, Co-President Asia Pacific, MasterCard Worldwide
The ITU is a leading light in setting international standards for evolving technologies and putting in place the rules of engagement for companies in mobile communications, so it is very important to have a presence here. David Harmon, VP, Huawei Global Government Affairs
This is a real opportunity to come together as partners, share with each other what we are doing and create new opportunities for us to work together in the future. John Galvin, VP, Government & Education, Intel Corporation
I want to introduce our solution to telecom companies or IOT platform companies so this event is a special time for me.   Park Eunmin, , AMADAS Co., Ltd
I was blown away by how many countries are here and what the delegates have brought to the event – and I was most impressed with the start-ups and ideas. Whurley, Managing Director, Goldman Sachs and Jury Member, ITU Telecom World Awards
Japan have been supporting and collaborating with the ITU event and exhibition for a long time, we are very much pleased to work with ITU and to find potential partners for collaboration: especially towards giving social benefit.   Hiroshi Kumagai, Former Vice President, Director General of Resilient ICT Research Center, NICT
Collaboration is not an option, it is a must for our industry – we compete and collaborate to make sure the benefits of our technology are reaped by humanity as a whole. Our industry is a shining example of how much good can come from collaboration. Hossein Moin, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Nokia Mobile Networks
We learn about many things from different markets, where we don’t have the chance to meet the people or learn about these markets every day. We are learning from each other and sharing our best practices and this is the best thing of putting all these people together. Fatima Barros, Chair, ANACOM Board of Directors
There is a huge benefit of being here, this is a great place to meet both telecom operators and regulators from around the world, a great opportunity to meet with government officials in developing countries, to be enthused by our efforts to bridge the digital divide; and it’s a very relaxed environment in which to do it.   Suneet Singh Tuli, CEO, Datawind
The value is the networking, the ability to connect to so many different entities in one location and understand different perspectives. This really helps us in making connections with all the different players. Saj Kumar, VP, Digital Transformation & IoT, SAP Asia Pacific & Japan