Media Partnership


If you are a media representative or broadcaster who focuses on telecoms/business, ICTs, SMEs and start-ups, we welcome you to join us at this event from 12-15 October in Budapest.

Bringing together leaders from public and private sectors, small and medium businesses (SMEs), entrepreneurs, innovators, consultants, emerging markets and industry investors, ITU Telecom World is the global platform to accelerate ICT innovations for social and economic growth. We aim to help ideas go further, faster, to make the world better, sooner. Together we will:

  • Accelerate ICT innovation through exhibiting solutions, knowledge exchange and networking;
  • Realise potential and turn ideas into action by introducing technologies and businesses to investors, influencers and policy makers;
  • Maximise impact by collaborating across sectors, borders and industries in developed and emerging markets;
  • Expand opportunities for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and start-ups, highlighting investment and partnership opportunities;
  • Encourage fundamental change to the world’s societies and citizens, contributing to sustainable development, and delivering far-reaching benefits for daily life.

Media Partnership Options

We offer a range of options for your media presence at the event, enabling you to target a unique audience.

Media Pod


Benefit from your own exclusive Media Pod within the Media Space, where you will represent your company, interact and network with event participants (2 support passes provided with each pod; event attendance required).

Display Rack


Enhance your media visibility in front of an influential global audience without attending.  You may simply ship your publications to be displayed on a Display Rack dedicated to your company at the venue.



Raise your web-based media influence by collaborating with us online, as a smart and light solution for emerging digital media.

Media Accreditation


Report directly. Journalists wishing to cover the event are invited to secure their media accreditation on our website starting from July/August. Please visit us regularly for updates.



You may also simply scan the QR code to leave your contact information in the Mobile Ad and we will contact you shortly.

We welcome your participation by partnering with us and are looking forward to having you on board at ITU Telecom World 2015!

Take advantage of a partnership opportunity tailored to your needs